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Ways of optimising your company's structure
How best to apply English Company laws to French legislation and benefit from its flexibility ?
Business consulting, self-employed, liberal professions
How to save on taxes?


SETTI Ltd assists companies with :

Monitoring of English limited companies
Capital, registered office, statutory requirements, accounting, VAT... for an English company
Business set up in France
With all the necessary documents for the chambers of the trade or commerce and appointments of the representative in France, leases for registered address in France, ...
Help and advice
For registering a branch in France
Advice and support for administrative procedures and obligations with Companies House, the English Registrar
With Companies House, the English Registrar, annual declarations, translation of various letters sent by this administration, contact with the British HMRC services to avoid double taxation, translation and filing of Company abbreviated accounts with Companies House

Tertiary services

Administrative duties
Typing of your reports, quotes, invoices, ...
Accounting or otherwise
Various data, customer files, ...
Social Treatment
pay slips, declaration and formalities with the various social organizations such as URSAFF, Assédic, ...
All administrative tasks
That you would like to sub-contract !

Other services

Registered address in France
Using our address, you can establish your company’s French registered address
or branch, or just as a business or correspondence address.
Receive your mail, faxes, parcels, ...
Services on request

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Address and telephone line, reception, switchboard
A switchboard operator can host your telephone hotline with personalized greetings, transcription and transmission of your messages.
You can also choose just to have a phone line in our offices with forwarding of your calls to a mobile phone.
Administrative support, ...

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